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Learning experiences for KS2 – Monmouthshire Countryside Sites

Monmouthshire Countryside offers lots of great opportunities for environmental learning:

Watch the Birdie

Why are some blackbirds brown? Why don’t we see sand martins in winter? What is the difference between a swallow and a swift? Just a few questions that will be answered during this workshop to discover more about the birds in our local area.

Treemendous Fun

Discover more about our wonderful trees. How tall is that tree? How does it work? Is it an ash or an oak? Find out how to answer these questions and many more.

Pondlife Pandemonium

Discover more about the incredible creatures that live in a local pond. Find out about their life cycle and how they fit into the underwater food web.

Orienteering with a difference

Take up the challenge of using maps, clues and teamwork to find out more about the wildlife and heritage of the site.

Minibeast Mania

Discover more about the incredible small creatures that live on land in our local area. Find out about their life cycle and how they fit into the food web.

Marvellous Mammals

Discover more about our local British mammals, their footprints, homes and how they spend the winter.

Why not make a day of it?

Combine history with nature and pick and mix from the menu above to maximise your time with us at our Monmouthshire Countryside sites.

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If you have any questions about learning experiences at our Monmouthshire Countryside Sites, please contact the learning team on 07929 044653 or 07790 954802 or email karinmolson@monmouthshire.gov.uk or helenhenley@monmouthshire.gov.uk