Foster Care Free Swimming - Monlife

Foster Care Free Swim

We are thrilled to introduce an incredible new initiative by MonLife and Monmouthshire Council – the Foster Care Free Swim!

We deeply value the exceptional role you play in our communities, providing love and support to children in need. We invite you, your children and your looked after child/children to enjoy free swimming sessions at our MonLife swimming pools during our public swim times.

With the Foster Care Free Swim, you have the unique opportunity to dive into a world of aquatic enjoyment without any cost. We understand the importance of family bonding and the positive impact that fun-filled activities can have on building strong relationships. That’s why we want to offer you and your loved ones the chance to create lasting memories and experience the joy of swimming together.

At MonLife, we are committed to creating inclusive and supportive environments for everyone in our community. We invite foster carers to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, gaining a healthy sense of wellbeing and create lasting memories.

Join us for free swimming and experience the joy of family fun with MonLife!

To sign up for the Foster Care Free Swim please download the form by clicking HERE.
Once complete email the form to This will take a few days to process and you will be notified by email as soon as your Free Swim membership is up and running.

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