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Monmouthshire is a county with a wealth of local clubs and activities, leisure centres featuring a wide range of disabled access equipment, classes and facilities, and a Sports Development Team, which operates numerous programmes and workshops.

Monmouthshire Sports Development

Monmouthshire Sports Development Team promotes participation in physical activity, volunteering and sporting initiatives, both within primary and secondary schools and in the wider community. Recent achievements include:

  • An average of 5,000 volunteer hours captured each year through our Sport4Life volunteer pathways (from 10 years old with community volunteer opportunities from 13+).  
  • 85% of our current paid casual workforce has come through volunteering with us. 
  • Sector leading Playmaker programme developed in Monmouthshire, which has been duplicated across areas in Wales and England. 
  • 14,000 attendances through The Monmouthshire Games in a 2-year period. 
  • 73% of young people in the south of Monmouthshire on the Anti-Social Behaviour list engaged through our Positive Futures provision. 
  • Learn to swim provision at 95% capacity.

Download the Monmouthshire Sports Development newsletter:

Primary School Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Primary School Newsletter (Autumn 2018)

For further details, please contact the Monmouthshire Sport Development Team on 01633 644544 or e-mail