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Strategies and Studies

The GGGP demonstrates a ground-breaking way of working collaboratively to deliver strategic and local outcomes to provide a regional approach to Green Infrastructure in Gwent. Through this collaborative working, the partnership has produced the following strategic documents and studies.

Regional Green Infrastructure Strategy

This strategy provides a GI Spatial Framework Plan for the Greater Gwent region (Torfaen, Newport, Monmouthshire, Blaenau Gwent, and Caerphilly councils), identifying regional priorities through an overarching policy framework supported by a set of strategic proposals. The strategy will be published soon.

Regional Access Strategy

This strategic plan for the Gwent region identifies key opportunities and management strategies. It includes a green corridors strategic delivery plan for access and costed projects. The strategy will be published soon.

Regional Integrated Health Impact Assessment (iHIA)

The HIA identifies the impact of the GGGP on the health and mental wellbeing of the residents of Gwent. Key findings have been drawn from an analysis of stakeholder evidence, epidemiological data and a review of the relevant literature.

I-Tree Eco Study Monmouthshire Case Study

i-Tree Eco has been used to understand the composition and structure of Monmouthshire’s urban forest and the benefits it provides. This analysis can be used as a baseline to make informed decisions to better manage and maintain the urban forest, both for the present and future climates.

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