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iTree Eco Study

The GGGP has employed the i-Tree Eco approach to two case study areas in Gwent: the first in Newport and the second in and around Chepstow and Severnside in Monmouthshire. i-Tree Eco is a software application which is used to quantify the structure and environmental effects of urban trees and calculate their value to society with respect to: the resilience of current and planned urban tree stocks to climate change, their role in regulating temperatures, and water management. Data from an i-Tree Eco survey can be used to help those who look after these trees to make more informed management decisions.

In the data collection stage of the project, a group of volunteers were trained to undertake the data collection phase of the project, representing a fantastic contribution to the project as a whole as well as providing them with a first-hand opportunity to learn more about trees. Forest research are now progressing swiftly with a technical report for the GGG Delivery Team, including a summary for non-specialist readers, and this will be ready in early summer 2022. A “Guide to running your own i-Tree Eco project” which draws together the essentials to help a project group make decisions in getting an Eco project up and running has also been prepared.

i-Tree Eco Monmouthshire Final Report

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