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Booking Information

When booking for a residential visit, we advise to you to follow the following timeline and steps as a rule of thumb in order to make sure everything is covered prior to the visit.

Step 1:

  • Confirm and pay a deposit to secure your preferred date via the residential booking form.
  • Discuss Programme preferences.
  • Arrange for a staff visit to answer any pupil/parent questions.

Step 2: 6-weeks Before Visit

Step 3: 4-weeks before visit

  • Invoice will be generated based on agreed number of attendees.
  • Complete and return the confidential client form to highlight any medical requirements of the participants and visiting staff.
  • Complete and return the lunch order for participants and visiting staff, highlighting any dietary or medical requirements. This will help us to accommodate everybody on your visit.
  • Upon receipt of confidential form and lunch order programme will be confirmed.

Step 4: 2-week before visit

Email us to check all is in place and to answer any questions in advance of your arrival day.

Download a PDF copy of our timeline HERE.

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