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Resource Pack

The resource pack is a comprehensive toolkit designed to support organisations, community groups, and individuals in their efforts to promote biodiversity and nature-friendly practices in green spaces.  

This pack contains a wealth of resources, from management guidance and communication tools to educational materials and citizen science initiatives, all aimed at empowering you to make a positive difference in your local environment. 

To take part in Nature isn’t Neat and manage your own green space for nature, you can request our new resource pack by emailing 

The pack contains: 

  • Code of Action 
  • Further Guidance 
  • Leaflet and Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Communications Guide 
  • Wildflower Watch Citizen Science Scheme 
  • Nature isn’t Neat Wildflower Guide 
  • Briefing Note and Policy Context 
  • Signage 
  • Online Training Module 
  • And more! 

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Code of Practice

The Nature isn’t Neat approach focuses on allowing more nature back into our green spaces by being less ‘tidy’ and allowing wildflowers and grass to grow. 

However, it is not just letting everything go wild. Traditional meadows are highly managed habitats and in urban green space there are many considerations to ensure that they meet resident’s needs. 

We have developed this Code of Practice based on core grassland management principles which is being adopted by our 5 local authorities grounds teams. These principles ensure that safety and recreation is maintained so that there is space for nature and people. 

If you are responsible for managing any grassland, whether public or private you can follow these principles to make your green space more biodiverse. The Code of Practice can be applied at any scale of site, from small areas to large sites, it all helps to tackle the pollinator decline we are facing. 

Download: Nature Isn’t Neat Code of Practice

Wildflower Guide

To begin learning the names of the wildflowers you will see popping up in grasslands during the spring and summer, we’ve made a simple guide to some of the most important wildflowers for pollinators.

Download: Nature isn’t Neat Wildflower Guide

Leaflet and FAQ

The Nature isn’t Neat approach to grassland management can be controversial to some members of the public. We’ve made a resident’s leaflet which can be used by grounds teams to explain the reasoning behind the change in management and answer some frequent concerns of the public. 

Download: Nature Isn’t Neat Leaflet

Training Videos 

We have developed videos demonstrating many aspects of management throughout the year, visit Monlife’s Nature isn’t Neat playlist on YouTube to watch them all! 

Training Module 

Our online training module takes you on journey through the year of a Nature isn’t Neat meadow picking out key management activities in each season and exploring the ecology behind our principles. 

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