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Nature Isn’t Neat Public Survey

Let us know what you think!

You may have noticed a change in the way your local authority manages grassland in your community. Green spaces are being managed theNature isn’t Neat’ way, letting grassland in parks and along verges grow in the spring and summer to create meadow areas.

The Nature isn’t Neat project gathered your views throughout 2022 and had over 1600 responses from across all 5 counties within Gwent. The results showed that 81% of people who answered the survey would like to see more areas manged and enhanced for nature, and most people strongly agree that the new Nature isn’t Neat mowing regimes are having a positive effect on wildlife and their own wellbeing.

We would like to keep the conversation going and have relaunched the survey for this year to continue gathering feedback from local communities and continue to review our grassland management throughout the region.


We think Nature isn’t Neat is a key contribution we can make to tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis, we appreciate that in some areas we will need to review management to ensure our greenspaces work for you and for nature.

We have been very encouraged by the public support for the changes we have made to our grass mowing in previous years.

We want to ensure that we are finding the right balance between nature and recreation by hearing your feedback on how you think the changes are going in your green spaces.

To have your say and contribute to the conversation please complete our survey.

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