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Caldicot – Education & Leisure Links Consultation

In December 2021, Amey Consulting undertook a WelTAG stage 1 assessment and Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) for Active Travel Route Improvements in the vicinity of Caldicot School, Durand Primary School and Caldicot Leisure Centre. To this end, a site visit and stakeholder engagement were undertaken to identify problems, issues, constraints and opportunities associated with active travel in Caldicot. This helped identify any potential improvements that could encourage walking/cycling/wheeling in this area.

Based on the initial investigation, a high-level proposal was developed for active travel improvements including a long list of options. A travel survey was also conducted among the students of the schools to understand their trip pattern and perceived issues/barriers related to active travel. 230 responses from Caldicot School and 73 from Durand Primary Schools were received. The long-list of options was assessed and a shortlist of options was identified. The assessment informed the SOBC which was submitted as part of the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Grant Fund application for a WelTAG Stage 2 assessment.

Following a successful application to the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Grant Fund 2022/23 to further develop the shortlist of options, Amey Consulting has been commissioned by Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) to develop a WelTAG Stage 2 preliminary design, option appraisal and identification of preferred options and associated Outline Business Case, (OBC) to support development of active travel routes within the study area. The development and appraisal of the options will take account of any opportunities that might help enhance the active travel benefits in Caldicot, such as the newly introduced 20mph speed limit, linking to other active travel schemes, e.g. Newport Road, Church Road etc. The OBC along with the detailed design and costs for the preferred option will be submitted for construction fund to Active Travel Grant Fund in January 2023.

As part of the scheme assessment, Amey Consulting will undertake stakeholder engagements to keep you informed and take account of your opinion and insight on this matter in the appraisal and design process. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

2 consultations areas are below:

Active travel Improvements on Mill Lane

Active travel improvements on Alianore Road

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Castle Meadows Active Travel Public Consultation Results – ENG

Castle Meadows Active Travel Public Consultation Results – WELSH

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