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About Us

MonLife is part of Monmouthshire County Council and delivers leisure, youth and outdoor education, green infrastructure and countryside, tourism, destination management, arts, museums and attractions.

We provide leisure services from 4 sites within Monmouthshire and offer outdoor activities at our Gilwern site. We have 7 sites which incorporate our attractions and museums and also promote tourism information and offer some of the most impressive buildings with historical interest and activities to engage all ages. Our Countryside Access service oversee a large countryside access network and sites to provide outdoor experiences for communities and visitors alike, whilst our youth service offers valuable opportunities to young people across Monmouthshire.

MonLife has an annual direct turnover in 2019-20 of £8.51m with an income of £6.42m and 136 FTE staff and circa 197 active volunteers. It works in collaboration with a large number of organisations including local clubs and societies (circa 356 partnerships) to ensure the best possible experiences are delivered to customers and communities.

MonLife will operate as a family of services that rely upon one another for promotion, support and optimal operation. As a collective, they help position Monmouthshire as a great place in which to live, work, play and visit. They also play a significant part in shaping the environment, preventing demand that would normally end up requiring intervention by costly statutory services and all make a significant contribution to the social, environmental and economic health of the county.


To promote healthier lives and inspirational experiences, and promote the vibrancy of Monmouthshire as a great place to be.


Enriching people’s lives and creating vibrant places.


Enrich people’s lives through participation and activity. Build strong and vibrant places and communities in Monmouthshire.

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