Volunteering - Monlife

Volunteering with MonLife

MonLife has an enthusiastic and energetic workforce throughout the organisation, currently supported by an additional 217 volunteers.  Volunteers are a vital asset for MonLife as they offer an opportunity for increased passion, involvement and diversity within the organisation. 

Volunteers are integral to the work we do, and we aim to provide the best volunteer experience possible. MonLife is able to offer a diverse range of volunteering opportunities within its services– there is something for everyone no matter of ability or interest.  MonLife will continue to grow its volunteering workforce within our communities in Monmouthshire.

What are the benefits of volunteering for individuals?

  • Development of skills and experience
  • Enhanced CV and employment opportunities
  • A sense of pride and achievement
  • Personal development, such as self-confidence, improved mental health, physically active, healthier, stronger
  • Making a difference
  • Feeling part of a team
  • Meeting new people
  • Sharing skills and experience
  • Respect and responsibility
  • Opportunity to act as an ambassador within own community

Benefits for MonLife through involving volunteers

  • Enhance and add value to services and activities
  • Motivated and empowered workforce
  • Increased flexibility and quality of delivery
  • Provision of services which are not funded by the public sector
  • More diverse pool of people
  • Improved skills and experience across the organisation 

Benefits of volunteering for the community

  • Developing social capital and actively promoting and enhancing community cohesion (inter-generational, cultural) through joint events and activities, improvements to the physical environment, changing perceptions (e.g. older people’s view of young people)
  • Leading people into jobs as part of the intermediate labour market
  • Volunteers are at the forefront of civic renewal and community leadership
  • Building social networks and community cohesion with emerging impact in respect of volunteers showing more appreciation of other cultures 
  • Increase in health and wellbeing, reducing the impact on the NHS
  • Reduced crime rates
  • Enhanced social responsibility
  • Bigger reach into communities through empowerment and community
  • Participation by a diverse range of people 
  • Increases economic benefit

What we can offer volunteers in MonLife:

Volunteers will have full access to a range of support; guidance and training to ensure that their experience is a fulfilling one. 

What we can offer you:-

  • A volunteer opportunity that meets your needs;
  • An initial support interview to ensure you have the right opportunities and complete all necessary induction paperwork;
  • A clear role profile which explains what will be required of you; 
  • A full induction and assigned ‘buddy’;
  • Access to our on-line Volunteer Kenetic site where you are responsible for uploading the volunteering hours you have done; provide feedback and manage your training and support packages. Your nominated mentor will also be able to provide feedback to you on a regular basis; 
  • Regular opportunity to access 1-2-1 or group support; 
  • A badge, uniform and PPE if required;
  • *Full training programme delivered at 3 levels from Mandatory; Semi-skilled and Specialist to ensure you are equipped to optimise your volunteer experience;
  • Invitation annually to celebration event and awards evening. 

*Volunteering in Monmouthshire is additionally supported by ACTS and BeCommunity who provide a range of services, support and training to volunteers.