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Work starting on ‘green’ enhancement of Castle Street car park in Abergavenny

As part of plans to improve ‘green infrastructure’  – the term used to describe the creation of a network of natural and semi-natural features, green spaces, rivers and lakes that intersperse and connect villages and towns – across the county, Monmouthshire County Council has been working on plans to create green corridors through Abergavenny. Work will commence early April on enhancements at Castle Street car park, which will see the planting of additional native trees and wildflower species. The project is designed to support connectivity with other green spaces in the town centre.

Works are expected to take approximately one week to complete, dependent on site conditions. Small sections of the car-park around the planting installation will be temporarily closed off, but Castle Street car park will still remain open for all users. Monmouthshire County Council apologises for any potential inconvenience during the works, and it is hoped that everyone will enjoy the completed planting when next using the car park.

Planting will include rowan and field maple trees in wooden planters, and native wildflower turf on existing amenity grassland. Wildflowers such as autumn hawkbit, betony, birdsfoot trefoil, bladder campion, cats ear, common knapweed, common sorrel, common vetch, common toadflax,  crested dogstail and sheep’s fescue grasses, will grow in these wildflower areas.  These additional native wildflowers and trees will provide more food and habitats for birds and insects, and benefit our pollinators such as bumblebees, honey bees and butterflies, which are already supported by the Council’s pollinator friendly grassland management. 

The new trees and wildflower meadows will also reduce carbon emissions through the storage of carbon, and so help in addressing the issues of climate change. The planting will also support ecosystem resilience, improve water quality, and support general well-being in the town for both residents and visitors.

Following public consultation all respondents supported the aspiration to enhance green corridors across Abergavenny. Ideas proposed have been incorporated where feasible into the current proposals for Castle Street and will be taken on board for future projects. 

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