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There’s still time to take part in the Nature Isn’t Neat survey

Since its launch, this summer’s Nature isn’t Neat online Survey has received more than 1,000 responses from across Monmouthshire and the wider Gwent area.

The survey, which closes on Friday 30th September,  has been designed to capture residents’ thoughts on the Nature Isn’t Neat approach, which promotes letting grassland in parks and along verges grow in the spring and summer to create meadow areas and space for nature. The feedback received will help inform future management of green spaces.

Nature isn’t Neat’s ethos is that grassland in Gwent’s green spaces should be allowed to grow and flourish with wildflowers, providing food and habitat for our pollinators. It’s also about finding a balance between nature and recreation throughout the year. Monmouthshire County Council is continually assessing how well they’re managing green spaces for nature and for residents. The survey will continue into the autumn so there is plenty of opportunity to provide feedback by completing the survey at

As late summer approaches, many plants have finished flowering and are beginning to set seed, leaving meadow areas looking grassier. Whilst they may not be as colourful, they are still full of grasshoppers, moths and butterflies which are living and feeding in the grass. It’s vital that wildflowers and meadow grasses can produce and disperse seed before being cut, so we get more flowers next year. At the end of the season, the council’s grounds teams will be starting their grass cutting regimes across sites, by cutting and collecting the arisings like a traditional meadow they are removing nutrients and reducing the dominance of grass next year and encouraging more biodiverse habitats.

The project is supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing in Rural Areas and is funded by the Welsh Government’s Enabling of Natural Resources and Well-being Grant. 

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