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Monmouthshire Local Nature Partnership

MonLife is proud to host the Monmouthshire Local Nature Partnership, part of the LNP Cymru network of partnerships in all local authorities and national parks across Wales.  Local Nature Partnerships serve as invaluable resources for communities, providing biodiversity advice and empowering local groups to actively contribute to nature conservation, and encourage collaboration among conservation charities and organizations.

We are relaunching the Monmouthshire Local Nature Partnership in 2023 to expand on the work already started and develop new links across the county to celebrate, conserve and enhance our unique and rich habitat, and bring people together to share best practice and resources to maximise benefits for people and wildlife. 

What does the LNP do?

The partnership will promote partnership working between key organisations and individuals that protect and enhance nature in Monmouthshire. This will include networking and sharing best practice to promote efficient delivery of actions across partner organisations.

MonLife will lead on delivering the Monmouthshire Local Nature Recovery Action Plan, involving key partners and stakeholders in the development and implementation.
In delivering this we will review the national and local priorities identified in the Nature Recovery Action Plans, State of Natural Resources Report and Area Statements to identify priority species, habitats, or places in Monmouthshire for which focussed action is needed.

The Partnership will monitor the delivery of nature recovery actions, evaluating progress towards implementation of local plans and revising them as necessary.
We will also support the development of projects undertaken by individual organisations that are contributing to the aims of the Partnership and developing new projects to address local priorities.

MonLife will ensure there is wide participation in developing and implementing the work of the LNP carrying out consultations, developing communications plans, and disseminating relevant information to partners and the public as appropriate. We will also raise awareness of nature conservation issues and work undertaken by the partners through a programme of engagement and awareness raising.

Monmouthshire Local Nature Recovery Action Plan

One of the aims of the Local Nature Partnership is to produce a Local Nature Recovery Action Plan (Local NRAP) to guide the work of the partnership.

The Nature Recovery Action Plan (NRAP) for Wales is broad, designed to be a guide for all public bodies in Wales that sets out Welsh Government objectives on a national scale. The Resilient Greater Gwent project delivered the Greater Gwent Nature Recovery Action Plan (GGNRAP) to provide a framework to drive change at the regional scale, and to support organisations to work better together.

The Monmouthshire Local NRAP will translate these objectives to a local scale whilst working towards the common goal.  It will give detailed actions and outcomes required to meet the overall objectives for the region. 

The Monmouthshire Local NRAP is currently being drafted, please check back for further announcements.

Get in Touch

If you would like more information on the Local Nature Partnership, to join our mailing list or discuss potential nature recovery actions in your area contact the Biodiversity Team on:

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