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Green Infrastructure Projects

The GGG partnership has been delivering a range of practical projects to improve the green spaces in our communities. There have been so many projects across the region to improve spaces for nature; including pollinators, plant trees, improve access and enhance parks, woodlands and other community green spaces. Community groups and volunteers have been actively involved in many of these projects and there will be many more opportunities for local people to contribute to future activities.

Some examples of projects include:

Monmouthshire Green Corridors: enhance or create rich habitats, which act as “stepping stones” for wildlife (such as pollinators and birds) to find shelter or food in our urban areas. For more information and to leave feedback please click here link to existing page Green Corridor Infrastructure Project – Monlife.

Otter project in Newport: This work involved new tree planting along the rivers Usk and the Ebbw to provide screening on the riverbanks for otters. The planting will provide better bankside cover for otters, reduce the risk of predation and enable them to build holts along the river edge. Subsequent monitoring has shown that the riverbank planting has led to an increase in otter numbers.

Garden City, Blaenau Gwent: Access routes and entrances to the site have been enhanced and improved, so opening up the reserve to local people and groups. These works were delivered by Tillery Action For You, a social enterprise based in Ebbw Vale.

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