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Overview for Caldicot Strategic Scheme

Caldicot 1

Scheme Description

The Caldicot Links proposal is a multi-element scheme design that delivers on a phased approach. It aims to create an integrated network of routes that will have dedicated shared use facilities. It is also linked into green infrastructure, well-being activities, destination management and local economic development actions.  This proposal would improve the shared route through the Castle and Country Park and onwards to the MCC-S28 Caldicot Links providing connections between various housing developments, LDP sites and the town centre.  All elements detailed below were the subject of an AT approved Welsh Government scheme in 2021-22 and 2022-23, construction funding was granted in 2022-23, but only tree clearance was delivered due to project slippage.

This proposal is to:

  • Construction of Railway Phase 1 (Portskewett to Caldicot Castle) in 2023/24
  • Continue with the detailed design, survey and consultation for disused MOD Railway Phases 2&3 (Caldicot Castle to Crick/Caerwent and LDP site connections) in 2023/24.
  • To develop 2.81km long railway line into an Active Travel route serving a number of communities. 
  • Continue development of the Multi User route phase to gain planning and complete detailed design to tender ready stage in 23/24.
  • This proposal seeks to create a new dedicated walking/cycling and in places horse riding, multi-user route, accessible for residents and visitors of the communities of Portskewett, Caldicot and Caerwent to access key destinations of employment and services.
  • A phased construction of the project will begin in 202/24 to connect with other housing settlements in Caldicot and proposed new developments.
  • Connect into Church Road (MCC-S03) so that an integrated approach to active travel within the eastern side links residents to employment, education and local services as well as onto public transport nodes.

Caldicot 2

Scheme description (subject to funding)

Phase 1 Construction – June 2023 to October 2023

  • This phase of construction delivers the Active Travel infrastructure required to provide a safer and more direct route to Caldicot School for those travelling from the eastern side of Woodstock Way. It helps reduce the congestion caused at school start and finish times by offering pupils an alternative route to the school avoiding Mill Lane. 
  • Alterations to the school and leisure centre car parks create a safer environment for walking, wheeling and cycling in this area, as well encouraging “park and stride”
  • This phase also delivers improvements to the Active Travel infrastructure in and around Durand Primary School as well as improving the route at the back of the school, making it more attractive to use the leisure centre car park to “park and stride”. A phasing schematic is provided for reference.

Phase 1 Construction at Woodstock Way and Woodstock Way Car Park

  • Construction of shared path on the south eastern side of Woodstock Way between Mill Lane Junction and the junction at Aldi/Asda, (inclusive of drainage, dropped kerbs, tactile paving and zebra markings across accesses);
  • Construction of a raised table and signalised toucan crossings on all three arms of the Aldi/Asda junction;
  • Alterations to Woodstock Way car park to provide a pedestrian route through the car park to a new gated access to the main entrance to the school. This includes the demarcation of a shared path through the car park with zebra markings at crossing points, the relocation of the school boundary fence and provision of a new gate, and the construction of a new shared path linking the south eastern corner of the car park with the new school gate; 

Phase 1 Construction in the Vicinity of Durand Primary School

  • Widening of an existing alleyway to provide a shared path with low level lighting at the back of Durand Primary, (inclusive of relocation of school boundary fence and gate and provision of new landscaping and planting along the new fence line). The path starts at Curlew Avenue and runs along the alleyway behind the school to the boundary with the school’s wooded area;
  • Demarcation of shared path on the existing shared surface at the north eastern end of Alianore Road, (inclusive of zebra markings across the entrance to the school car park).
  • Construction of shared path on the south eastern side of Alianore Road, (inclusive of relocation of school boundary fence and gate and provision of new landscaping and planting along new fence line). The path runs from the exit from Duran Primary School car park to the signalised pedestrian crossing on Caldicot Bypass.
  • Upgrade of the existing signalised pedestrian crossing to a Toucan Crossing on Caldicot Bypass near the junction with Alianore Road;
  • Construction of a raised table at junction of Alianore Road with Stafford Road (inclusive of drainage).

Phase 1 Construction at Caldicot School and Leisure Centre Car Parks

  • Relocation of the school boundary fence and gate in the northern corner of the leisure centre car park to provide access for all to the existing footway, and construction of a new shared path to link the existing footway with the entrance to the leisure centre.
  • Alterations to the car park layout at Caldicot School and leisure centre to combine the two car parks in to one, creating a one-way system for vehicles, a school bus drop off point for the leisure centre, and a pedestrianised area at the skate park;
  • Detailed design of phase 2, including:
    • Crossing at Woodstock Way/Mill Lane
    • shared use path along northside of Woodstock Way from Woodstock Ct to Town Centre.
    • Mill Lane improvements for Comprehensive School (bus bays and shared use path) and Leisure Centre access
    • Norman Ct and Newport Rd
    • Station Rd
  • Development of Phase 3, including paths to North and East of Leisure centre

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