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Hello, my name is Sheila Viner and I am 65 years old. In January 2020, I was admitted to I.C.U at the Royal Gwent hospital. I was put into an induced coma for three weeks and then spent a further eight weeks in hospital. After my discharge from hospital, we went into lockdown with the Covid pandemic, fast forward eighteen months and I was referred to the Physio at C.C.H. The physio gave me exercises to do at home and suggested I join a exercise class at Chepstow Leisure Centre to help people get back on their feet after injury or serious health problems.

I was contacted by Clair who runs the classes, we had a friendly chat about me health issues, how exercise can help me with my personal health problems and what I would like to achieve to improve my day to day life. At my first class I was warmly welcomed and we introduced ourselves to the other men and women. The exercises were for all different levels of health and fitness, and were fun to do.

The classes have helped me ENORMOUSLY with my day to day life: I have gained strength in my arm and legs, my mobility has improved greatly, I can now walk without my stick most of the time, I can stand to cook my meals and cakes (a hobby of mine), I am able to go shopping on my own as my confidence has greatly improved and after two years i have been able to enjoy a bath.

I have gained so much from these classes, my health and fitness has improved so much over the past few weeks and this has helped my day to day living. I have also met some lovely like minded people and I look forward to the classes every week!


Over the 7/8 years ive been attending the youth centres i have always received the upmost care and support.
From day one as a 12/13 year old who was suffering alot in school came to the attik. Where i met Darryl along with others who dont work for the service anymore. He helped me through bullying and many dark times in my life. Having a stable person there to talk to and help and refer me to relevant places helped me get through my schooling.

Gavin began to help me when Darryl wasn’t there at the attik. A few years past I popped in time to time to get help.

April time this year I felt like the relationship between me and my then boyfriend was toxic and I began to get help again from Gavin, he helped me identify the things which were happening to me as domestic abuse and helped support me through eventually coming to the conclusion I left him. That's when things got bad and I became in a position I was bad again. Gavin really helped by making initial phone calls to doctors to make an appointment and helping me by talking and being someone I could trust. Both Darryl and Gavin then helped me with getting to talk to the right people about housing and drug use.

Having Darryl Gavin Abby and Darren as people i feel i can talk to without any awkwardness or feelings of judgement really has helped me overcome situations I have felt that I would never have overcome without the support and guidance of the youth centre. I strongly believe that the youth centre has helped me through the hardest times in my life and I will always be so grateful to Darryl and Gavin especially and that the youth centres are still here and continue to do the work they do as I don't think I would be in the position I am today without the youth centres help.


"Just wanted to say a truly massive thank you for making sure Mia didn’t give up yesterday!

The confidence that this will give her is immeasurable. I know you do all of this on a daily basis and to some the achievement of the expedition is small but to Mia it will empower her for many months. It is a fantastic gift you have given her, thank you so much.

You are a fantastic TEAM!"


Hello, just wanted to pop you both a quick email to say how brilliantly the two days have gone this week. The feedback from the parents and siblings has been fantastic, the day being described as ‘one of the best things we’ve ever done’.

In particular we were told that it was the patience and expertise of Les and Paddy that made the days work so well and I’ve been asked to pass on thanks to the both of them.
As you know finding activities that suit a wide range of different abilities and ages is always difficult but the lack of pressure to ‘take part’ meant that even the most hesitant were joining in.

I’ve attached a photo (with permission of the parents involved) as I thought Les might like it!

Thanks again and I look forward to the next two days at the end of the month."

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