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Let’s Move for a Better World

Support the fight against sedentary lifestyles by joining the biggest social movement campaign in the fitness industry. Get ready to donate moves from 14th to 31st March 2023.

By taking part in the ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ Campaign, you commit to fight against physical inactivity and all the consequent health diseases contributing to build a better and healthier world. To give everyone the same chance and opportunity, irrespective of age, sex and level of physical ability, Technogym have created the ‘MOVE’, a new way to measure physical activity that connects the whole community.

With only 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week, you reduce the risks associated with obesity and chronic diseases, whilst at the same time reaching other important goals.

Join our Challenge

This March, MonLife are teaming up with Technogym to get Monmouthshire moving. We have set up a ‘MOVEs’ challenge via the ‘MyWellness’ App (available on both the App Store and Play Store) for everyone to join and take part in! All you have to do is complete 2000 MOVEs.

You can complete the challenge in the gym, outdoors or our spin classes. All members that participate will enter a raffle for the chance to win a 12-month membership. Additionally, all members that collect 5000 ‘MOVEs’, will enter a raffle to win ‘Let’s Move’ merchandise.

How to Collect ‘MOVEs’

The Technogym® MOVE is based on body displacement in space, therefore it offers the best means to measure and compare participants’ activity levels during the Campaign. The faster and more often you move, the more ‘MOVEs’ you collect. Here’s how you can collect your ‘MOVEs’:

  • – Indoor Automatic on cardiovascular equipment within MonLife Leisure Centres (i.e., Treadmill, Bikes, Vario, Syncro, Climb, Skill line, Group Cycle)
  • – Indoor Automatic on connected resistance equipment within MonLife Leisure Centres (i.e., Chest Press, Leg Press, Shoulder Press).
  • – The Mywellness App Outdoor GPS Activity Tracker
  • – 3rd Party Devices with GPS connectivity (e.g. – Garmin). Please note Fitbit and Apple watches do not offer this.

Win for your community

The facilities that gather the required number of ‘MOVEs’ will be able to donate equipment to the Institutions or Schools of their choice to help fight obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

Let’s Engage your community to create a healthier world!

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