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A look inside Abergavenny’s newest youth centre

Opening on Friday 4th March, The Cabin is a safe space for 11-25 year olds to socialise, meet new friends and talk about any issues, with help from Monmouthshire County Council’s Youth Service.

Prior to its replacement, The Cabin had been very small with limited capacity, and was not fit for purpose. With significant help and support from Abergavenny Town Council and Monmouthshire County Council, funding for the removal and replacement of the existing Cabin with a more fit-for-purpose structure was provided to use as a youth centre, with brand new equipment and activities being provided by Monmouthshire Housing.

The Cabin acts as a hub for young people to gain information such as sexual health, addiction, relationships, to informally meet peers and to take part in recreational activities. Following its refurbishment, The Cabin has a larger capacity, with features including comfortable areas, TVs, game consoles and a pool table.

The Youth Workers that reside at The Cabin carry out important support for Monmouthshire’s young people on many issues, such as employability, youth homelessness, alcohol and substance abuse, mental health, self-harm, and sexual harassment. The key purpose of Youth Work is to enable all young people aged 11-25 years old to develop holistically through a range of activities and opportunities. Youth Work supports young people’s personal, social and educational development, empowering them to develop their voice and influence, and supports them to reach their full potential.

This has been made easier due to The Cabin’s refurbishment, as there is now a quiet room for these personal and private conversations. Monmouthshire Youth Service’s Shift project, which supports young people aged 11-25 with mental health and emotional wellbeing support needs, will also operate out of this room.

Councillor Lisa Dymock, Monmouthshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing and Social Justice, said: “The refurbishment for The Cabin is such fantastic opportunity for young adults in Monmouthshire to have a safe and secure place to, not only have fun, but to get any support that is needed. Our Youth Service have done an excellent job in creating this safe space for 11–25-year-olds, and I am looking forward to seeing how much The Cabin will positively affect these young adult’s lives.”

Youth Work is primarily based on a voluntary relationship between young people and Youth Workers, where young people choose to take part and are involved in the decision-making, design, and delivery of a service to meet their needs.

Monmouthshire County Council’s Youth Work takes a person-centred, rights-based approach which works to the Five Pillars of Youth Work in Wales, where young people who access the service have opportunities for learning that are Educative, Expressive, Empowering, Participative and Inclusive.

Drop-in sessions will be available at The Cabin every Tuesday (3-8pm), Wednesday (3-8pm) and Friday (3-6pm).

For more information, please visit: Youth Service – Monlife