Leisure and Physical Activity Strategy - Monlife

Leisure and Physical Activity Strategy

MonLife together with Monmouthshire Council are developing a Leisure and Physical Activity Strategy which is a strategic review of the delivery of our physical activity, leisure, wellbeing and sport service provision across Monmouthshire.

It is widely recognised, that strategically directed physical activity, leisure, wellbeing, sport services and facilities can have a significant and positive impact on helping communities:

This strategy will seek to help us set the future direction for MonLife Active by improving access to and developing future facilities for sport and physical activity whilst also ensuring we continue to meet our business aims of:

The strategic review approach will follow the structure, set out below;

As part of this strategy process, it is important that we understand and consider the views of the community. We invite you to take part in a survey to help us understand the barriers that may prevent you from being physically active and how we can help overcome these.

You can complete our survey here:



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