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Sports Development

MonLife Sports Development team strive to ensure that all provisions are under pinned by the following ethos:

Embed, influence and promote residents to access lifelong active opportunities

Working together for a fairer, healthier and more active Monmouthshire

Enabling fair access for all where health and confidence is at the heart of our connected communities

MonLife Sports Development have a commitment to deliver on the following themes:

FoundationsEmbedding early years experiences for lifelong participation

It is vital to provide positive early experiences fir children under 5, which will encourage children to grow up enjoying sport and physical activity. Our programmes aim to facilitate an environment which enables children to develop their skills in a fun and safe environment. Through the under 5’s provision it provides opportunities for families and children to engage in activities which will build the fundamental skills necessary for physical activity throughout their life.

Delivered through the leisure provision and collaboration with other services linked to early years MonLife Sports development will provide a selection of programmes to positively impact this demographic.

The team want to inspire everyone linked on the journey for under 5’s by delivering training and mentoring. These include families, parents, nursery settings, teachers, communities and other professionals.

For information regarding sessions for Foundations programmes please contact:  

EducationProviding opportunities for children and young people age 3-18 years old

Participation through education and extracurricular is essential for the age group of 3-18. Positive experiences for this age category can provide the foundation of skills and experiences to establish enjoyment for physical activity. 

There are a range of programmes which the team deliver to support participation in education for primary schools these include our festival delivery of football, netball, cross country, hockey and other bespoke festivals. Support and guidance with school swimming, as well as supporting clubs for secondary schools such as dance and basketball provision. Collaborating with National Governing Bodies to

For extracurricular delivery the team support programmes such as TMG, additional camps and leisure centre provisions such as basketball for ages 5-14 years old.

For more information regarding Education opportunities please contact:

LeadershipMentor, facilitate and grow inclusive leadership opportunities

The ambition is to support young people to achieve their full potential as citizens in Monmouthshire and the wider communities. In addition, enable them to influence their own opportunities for their peers using sport as the vehicle.  

This journey starts at year 5 with the playmaker award, this creates the starting point for leadership. The next phase is that young people can transition into the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Young Ambassador programme, which is run in conjunction with Youth Sport Trust. Alongside the Ambassador programme there are four Leadership academies established in the comprehensive schools. This platform provides young people to enhance their knowledge via volunteering opportunities managed and mentored by the Sports development team. Within these programmes they will have access to an inclusive and broad variety of courses.  These can include nationally recognised courses such as NPLQ and level 1 Swimming teaching qualifications. Furthermore, there are bespoke and local courses such as safeguarding, challenging behaviour and disability inclusion.

For information regarding Leadership opportunities please contact: 

Health and WellbeingProviding a diverse range of experiences to promote healthy life choice

Providing programmes such as Active 60 which is a prescribed membership for the demographic of 60 years plus. MonLife will join with other Welsh leisure providers to deliver its 60 Plus Fit4Life initiative, made possible thanks to funding from Sport Wales. MonLife’s Active 60 programme offers support for people aged 60 and over to become more physically active through in-person or online classes: including yoga, pilates, tai-chi, gentle exercise and even virtual coffee catch-ups.

The aim under Health and Wellbeing is to support and provide a range of opportunities for people to access physical activity. These include referrals through health-related pathways, signposting to free local programmes and implementing national initiatives.

For information regarding Health and Wellbeing opportunities please contact: 

Women and GirlsProvide wellbeing opportunities for women and girls to engage in a physically active lifestyle

Various studies and consultation have indicated that woman are less likely to participate in sport and physical activity in comparison to men. There is a need to encourage participation in females and bridge the gap.

The team is committed to developing opportunities for women and girls to engage in sport and physical activity.  These include Dance, walking netball, gymnastics, rugby, cricket, hockey, learn to lift, girls and ladies stronger.

For more information around Women and Girls opportunities please contact: 

CommunityEngagement, support, nurture and enhance community capacity 

Community Clubs are a profoundly important component to participation levels in the authority. The team will create, maintain and grow relationships with community clubs across all sporting disciplines. To enhance the community clubs within the authority the team will assist with funding applications and network with other services.

Working collaboratively with partners and stakeholder to provide diversionary and inclusive opportunities. The team will work closely to maintain accreditations, hold drop-in sessions and network to create the best opportunities.

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