Returning to Swimming Lessons

Girl in swimming pool during swimming lessons looking at camera smiling holding hand in the air

We are pleased to announce that our Learn to Swim programme has resumed across MonLife.

All children in Waves 1 – 7 can now return to our Learn to swim programme. However, please note that they must be aged 6 and above in Abergavenny.

Parents/guardians will not be able to enter the building with the child. There are no spectator facilities.

However, in Monmouth if your child is in wave 1 or 2 you have the option to assist your child in the changing rooms if required and view their lesson. Only 1 parent can enter the building to help their child get ready.

Parents/ Guardians must wait outside the Leisure Centre to collect their child and not remain in their vehicle when your child’s lesson finishes.

We have prepared a list of FAQ’s to give a further information on how our programme currently operates.

Q: How should my child arrive to their swimming lesson?

A: Children should arrive at the centre “beach ready” wearing swimwear under their clothing.

Q: What happens when my child arrives?

They will be registered at the entrance by a member of our team. The child will then be guided into the building and shown how to use the sanitizer station and proceed to the changing room.

Q: What happens at the end of my child’s lesson?

A: Following the lesson children will be required to dress quickly or put on a dry robe or dressing gown over their swimwear and leave via entrance.

Q: Why can’t I come into the changing area with my child?

A: Due to the numbers attending, we cannot ensure social distancing in the changing areas. In Monmouth Leisure Centre due to the size of our changing facilities we can allow parents of child in wave 1 and 2 into the changing rooms if required.

Q: Do I need to remain on site during my child’s swimming lesson?

A: If your child is aged under the age of 8 years old, we ask that you remain on site throughout the lesson.

Q: What if my child is ill or has a problem during the lesson?

A: Your child will be taken care of by a member of staff, and you will be contacted on the telephone number you have provided on your child’s membership.

Q: What if my child needs medication?

A: If your child carries medication, it must be placed in a bag, clearly labelled and brought onto poolside. This should be discussed with a member of staff prior to the booking.

Q: Can my child use the showers?

A: Showers will not be in use throughout the sites.

Q: Will I be able to use the hairdryer?

A: No, hairdryers and hand dryers are out of use.

Q: Why has my class time changed?

A: To keep both our customers and colleagues safe, the time of your child’s swimming lessons may have changed.

Q: Will I still have a place in my lessons if I do not return now?

A: Your children’s membership will remain frozen currently, however we can’t guarantee that you will receive the same place you held in March 2020.

Q: Can I change the class time/day I have been given?

A: Yes, we will do our best to accommodate any changes.

Q: My child was waiting to move up to the next wave prior to lockdown can this still happen?

A: Your child will be allocated to the wave they were attending prior to lockdown, when their teacher is confident that they have maintained the required skills to move up we will be in touch with you.  

Q: Can I book 1-2-1 swim lessons?

A: We are not offering 1-2-1 swim lessons at this time.