Green Infrastructure Strategy 2019

The Green Infrastructure Strategy sets out Monmouthshire’s approach to the delivery of green infrastructure in the County. It identifies a clear vision, aims, strategic objectives and associated principles to inform and contribute to a range of national, regional and local goals plans and objectives. It forms a delivery mechanism for Biodiversity and ecosystem resilience, supports ways of addressing health and well-being outcomes, identifies solutions for tackling climate change, supports active travel, public rights of way and provides the framework for partnership working through a GI approach.

· Volume 1 GI strategy

· Volume 2 Delivery Plan

· Executive summary

· Local Development Plan (LDP)

Green Infrastructure (GI) Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) 2015

The Green Infrastructure (GI) SPG supports Monmouthshire Local Development Plan policy on GI. It provides planning guidance to illustrate how embedding GI into new development can deliver quality of life benefits for communities and enhance the natural and historic environment. It helps guide the Council and applicants through initial pre-application discussions, the application process and the consideration of reserved matters and planning conditions relating to GI. It was highly commended in the Landscape institute awards 2016 and finalist in the Welsh RTPI awards 2017.

GI Management Guidelines

In support of the development management process and as a guide generally for project work, GI Management Guidelines have been produced to help maximise the benefits for biodiversity and people for future generations. Green Infrastructure Management Plans are being produced for each of our MonLife sites.