Green Infrastructure Projects

Living Levels

The Living Levels Landscape Partnership aims to reconnect people and communities to the Gwent Levels Landscape and provide a sustainable future for its unique historic landscape. It is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Key strategic aims, objectives and outcomes were derived through a Landscape Conservation Action Plan, which was informed by a Gwent Levels wide: Landscape Character Assessment, GI strategy and Visitor Experience and Destination Plan.

Three programmes and a range of associated projects have been identified:

  • Programme 1. – Conserving and Restoring
  • Programme 2. – Understanding and Appreciating
  • Programme 3. – Learning and Engaging

Gwent Green Grid Partnership (GGGP)

The Gwent Green Grid Partnership is a Welsh Government funded ENRAW consortium of key partners (including the 5 Gwent local authorities including NRW, Forest Research and Severn Wye Energy Agency) and stakeholders (including NGO’s and other interest organisations). They will deliver a consistent approach to Green Infrastructure management across Gwent and a collaborative framework that will inform the delivery of the SE Wales Area Statement. It will act as a key delivery mechanism that enables strategic planning, ecosystem service assessment, eco-connectivity and mechanisms that create healthier citizens, stimulates business opportunities and provides community benefits (cohesion, skills development and volunteering).

A series of key programmes and associated projects will deliver opportunities over a 3-year period under the following themes:

  • 1. Regional GI strategy and collaborative framework
  • 2. Regional Access Plan
  • 3. Gwent i- tree Eco study pilot areas
  • 4. Gwent GI projects
  • 5. Pollinators friendly Gwent.

Resilient Greater Gwent

The Resilient Greater Gwent project is being funded by Welsh Governments Enabling of Natural Resources and Well-being Grant.  The programme runs until summer 2022 and is working towards a South East Wales where nature is in recovery and sustainable communities value their landscapes and wildlife and get involved for their own health and well-being.

The overall project is based around two work streams:

  • The Resilient Ecological Network work stream will create an evidence based strategic plan to direct nature recovery action in Greater Gwent that will support biodiversity and resilient ecological networks.
  • The Sustainable Communities work stream will take a community and place based approach, engaging with communities and seeking to add value. People will be increasingly connected with and appreciate nature and sustainable lifestyles. This will support their physical and mental wellbeing.

Other projects

The council undertakes a range of projects responding to grant and S106 contributions from landscape enhancements, access improvements, interpretation, signage, biodiversity management and enhancement across the County.

New Project Ideas?

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