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Gwent Green Corridors

A Gwent Regional Access group is being established from the authorities Local Access forums and local representatives, this will help support the GGGP team in identifying and delivering works in areas where they are needed, drawing on local knowledge and skillsets. It will also be a key component in sharing good practice across the region, and looking to the legacy of the project. Its advice will also feed into the development of the Green corridor strategic access plan, a key piece of work that will form a sustainable template for the regions to work towards in the delivery of works on the ground and supporting best practice across the region during and beyond the end of the GGG project.

Access improvement projects are underway to deliver practical ground improvements locally and at a regional scale by identifying missing links in the access network. This collaborative way of delivery demonstrates one of the strengths of the GGGP, enabling people across the Gwent region to lead active healthy lifestyles, provide economic opportunities and expand, where possible, the network available to cyclists and horse riders.

The partnership is supporting four trainee countryside rangers to deliver access improvements. The trainees will be trained in all the required skills to qualify as rangers and will also assist in project delivery and at community engagement events.