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Education Visits Advisory Service

The Educational Visits Advisory Service can provide advice, guidance and training on the management of educational visits and approval via EVOLVE. The service is available to schools, youth groups and similar organisations.

The following OEAP (Outdoor Education Advisors Panel) certified courses are also available to any interested groups or schools: Visit Leader, Outdoor Learning Cards (available in Welsh and English), Environmental Learning Cards.


  • Advice and guidance in writing an establishment policy or operating guidelines.
  • Advice and guidance on the planning and management of visits.
  • Training and revalidation for Educational Visits Co-ordinators in schools and other establishments.
  • Access to the Evolve on-line system as a tool for establishments to plan and monitor visits.  This provides an audit trail of the planning, risk management and authorisation of visits, and reduces the paperwork involved.
  • Support for setting up and using Evolve.
  • Assessment and approval of plans for higher-risk visits, overseas trips and those involving adventure activities.
  • Approval of establishment staff to lead their own adventure activities.