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Public Registers, Closures, Amending and Correcting The Rights Of Way Map

The legal rights of way map (Definitive Map & Statement) can be viewed upon appointment at County Hall in Usk.  The maps can also be viewed at Gwent Record Office but please note that this will not include any orders made since its publication.  A composite interactive rights of way map with modern base mapping is also available to view on line. 

If you think the legal rights of way map (Definitive Map and Statement) is wrong you can apply to have it changed.

Examples of when you might apply:

  • To add a right of way to the map – often a path exists on the ground but it is not shown on the Definitive map.
  • To change the status of right of way – a footpath may have been used as a bridleway for 20 years or more.  You can apply to change its status.
  • To correct errors on the map – a path recorded on the map is not public, shown on the wrong alignment or needs defining more precisely.

If you need to close a public right of way temporarily to carry out works on it, or next to it, contact Countryside Access as soon as possible.  

You can also apply to move a path to a more convenient route or close a path permanently if it is no longer needed for public use

For further information about the tests that would need to be applied, costs, priorities, procedure and application forms please contact   

Read the register of applications for current modification orders

List of temporary closures and restrictions.