Monmouthshire Local Access Forum (LAF)

The Monmouthshire Local Access Forum advises Monmouthshire County Council and others on ways to improve public rights of way and green spaces in Monmouthshire.

It is made up of volunteers who aim to provide a balanced view of access issues and priorities affecting the local area or which might influence national policy.

Members represent:

  • Users of local rights of way such as walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
  • Owners and occupiers of the land
  • Conservation, tourism and rural economy interest groups.

Contact the Monmouthshire Local Access Forum


Current Members

  • Anne Underwood Chair 
  • Irene Brooke –(Vice chair) landowner and business representative
  • Anthea Fairey – Chair of Friends of Castle Meadows
  • Phil Mundell – walking user and volunteer representative 
  • Mark Storey – cycling, climbing & walker representative
  • David Smith – walking & climbing user, volunteer leader healthy walking group
  • Sylvia Fowles – Disabled Riding, conservation & history representative

Additional membership applications are currently being considered by Monmouthshire County Council

Meetings and Minutes

We meet about 4 times a year at various locations in the county. Meetings are open to the public.

Meeting minutes, agendas and dates are available on the MCC website.

Join the Monmouthshire Local Access Forum

To apply please contact the LAF Secretary at  Membership currently lasts for a maximum of three years.  Volunteers must be dedicated with the passion, knowledge and skills to help people enjoy Monmouthshire.  You may have experience in:

  • Farming or land management
  • Nature conservation
  • Rural Business
  • Minority Groups
  • Access for the Disabled
  • Tourism
  • Leisure and recreational activities including walking, carriage driving, horse riding, cycling and motor vehicle use of byways and county unclassified roads