Schemes - Monlife


Each year, Welsh Government allows each Local Authority three strategic bids to be submitted for consideration to develop the Active Travel network for those routes identified on the Active Travel Network Maps. In 2021, Monmouthshire County Council was successful in their three geographical bids: Caldicot, Monmouth and Abergavenny.

In 2021, Welsh Government approved the schemes detailed below. The text summarises the aspiration of each of the schemes. Many of the schemes will take over two years to complete.

Overview for Caldicot Strategic Scheme


Church Road

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Continue the enhancement of Church Road. The ambition is to turn it into a walking and cycling friendly street through the adoption of a Quiet Street principle. This will include: wider pavements, pedestrian priority crossings at junctions, a shared space scheme and other measures which will give greater priorities to cyclists and pedestrians. The scheme will also integrate green infrastructure for the wider wellbeing for the community.
  • Improve the connection to Newport Road through the town centre, to connect to B4245. This integrated approach to Active Travel within the eastern side will improve links for residents to access employment, education and local services, as well as onto public transport modes.
  • In 2021, the focus is on the construction of some of the design.

Caldicot Multi User Route/Castle country park

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Upgrade a diagonal link between employment sites at Mitel, Castlegate and Severnbridge Industrial Estate with the castle and country park by acting as a key off-road link between neighbourhoods, as well as providing a future link into the ‘Caldicot Links’ route (see below).
  • Improve connections from entrance to castle (including car park) to Caldicot Links scheme.
  • In 2021, there will be a series of ecological assessments – eg. dormice and bats – as well as drainage investigations.

Caldicot Links

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Develop 2.81km of the old railway line into an Active Travel route, which will serve a number of local communities. The new dedicated walking/cycling (and, in places, horse riding) multi-user route will be accessible for residents and visitors of the communities of Portskewett, Caldicot and Caerwent, to access key destinations of employment and tourism.
  • Enable residents of the new housing estates at Crick and Sudbrook Paper Mill to access Caldicot town centre through an improved route.
  • Give residents opportunities for multi-user access along a safe ‘green’ corridor between the communities of Portskewett, Caldicot and Caerwent.
  • In 2021, work will continue with the detailed design, survey and consultation for this scheme.

Newport Road

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Enhance Newport Road, west of completed improvements at the Cross area, through the town centre and up to the junction with the B4245 to improve walking and cycling facilities.
  • In 2021, work will continue on the final design and a trial of traffic movement.

Overview for Abergavenny Strategic Scheme


Llanfoist Foot & Cycle Bridge

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Deliver a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the River Usk (about 50 metres east of the existing stone bridge which is a Scheduled Monument and also Grade II* listed). The new Active Travel bridge will become the main river crossing between Llanfoist and Abergavenny for non-motorised users.
  • In 2021, additional specialist surveys, eg. flood defences, will be required liaising with National Resources Wales and other key organisations. Based on recent public engagement evidence, the scheme is the highest Active Travel priority for Abergavenny.

Castle Meadows Links

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Improve pedestrian and cycle access to the proposed new Active Travel Bridge, town centre and key destinations: such as the train and bus stations.
  • In 2021, efforts will concentrate on the design of the new routes; landowner negotiations; ecological studies and consultations with a range of key stakeholders.

Bridge Connection to Llanfoist

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Improve cycling and walking routes from the proposed bridge to Llanfoist
  • In 2021, feasibility studies will be undertaken to establish the safest and most appropriate route for cyclists and walkers once they disembark from the bridge at the Bridge End pub and onwards to Llanfoist.

Overview for Monmouth Strategic Scheme


Kingswood Gate – Williams Field Lane route

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Complete the second phase (of a three-phase scheme) of a critically important route to Overmonnow Primary School. This scheme will upgrade an existing off-road, informal path.
  • The public response to the Active Travel Consultation in 2020 identified this route as one that needed significant improvement.
  • This work commenced in 2020 with the first phase of construction early 2021 – 130 metres of work was completed. The next phase is for construction of the path. The work will involve resurfacing, widening and lighting the route, as well as the final design for the remaining route (meadow – 330m); and complete land negotiations. The construction across the meadow will commence in 2022/23.

Wye Crossing & Wyesham

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Construct a new Active Travel bridge. The current Wye Bridge has been identified as a key obstacle for Active Travel between Wyesham and Monmouth town centre. It was identified as one of the top three routes in Monmouthshire by the public through both the Active Travel engagement as a route in need of improvement.
  • In 2021, detailed design of the Active Travel bridge and the undertaking of initial studies on key routes to the bridge will be completed. This includes discussions with National Resources Wales and other key stakeholders.

Monnow Street

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • Undertake supplemental feasibility studies to assess what Active Travel improvements are required on Monnow street (including Monnow bridge).
  • Current temporary arrangements for Covid and the Active Travel consultation has shown very divergent views on Monnow Street. Therefore, in 2021, a deeper understanding of traffic movements, cycling and walking movements will be undertaken through cameras and intercept surveys.

Williams Field Lane link to town centre

This scheme (subject to funding) seeks to:

  • To agree improved walking and cycling connections between the start of Williams Field Lane and the town centre.
  • In 2021, the feasibility study will include an analysis of sections of various road infrastructure and an off-road path. The feasibility study will include traffic counts, usage studies, safety assessments and topographical surveys.