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National Fitness Day

This year will see the 10th Anniversary of National Fitness Day. Every year National Fitness Day highlights the importance of physical activity in helping us lead healthier lifestyles and this year’s focus aims to show that fitness is for EVERYONE. In a time where health and fitness is more important now than ever, we hope that you will join us and the nation in celebrating National Fitness day and making this year the best yet.

MonLife is proud to support this cause as we understand the importance and impact that fitness can have on a persons life; whether it be physical health, mental health or simply socialising. Our four leisure centre’s in Monmouth, Abergavenny, Caldicot and Chepstow all strive to be a welcoming fitness hub for our local communities to work on getting back to fitness, getting back on track and getting back to feeling healthy and great. As part of our celebration and to give our communities the inspiration to get back to fitness, we are offering FREE five day gym passes across our sites. Terms and Conditions do apply.

In order to enquire about a 5 day free pass at your local gym, then simply pop in and ask or contact your centre directly via the following contacts:

In order to celebrate and build up to the big day, we have been using the hashtag #Fitness2Me as part of a campaign where people are invited to share what being physically active means to them. We want to encourage people from all walks of life, activity levels and interests to share what fitness means to them, it will inspire others to live happier and healthier lives through being active. So far we have had a great response from our members at our local centre’s…

We do however also want to highlight that National Fitness day is not limited to activities in your local gym or leisure centre. Alternatively, why not go for a nice walk at one of our Heritage sites? Below we have three different trails you can follow at Abergavenny Castle, Caldicot Castle and Old Station Tintern. These trails are there for your well-being and are a perfect way of getting fit and active! Take a look at our flip-book below to look at your local options and enjoy.