MonLife Over 60’s Programme extended to help improve physical and mental well-being across Monmouthshire - Monlife

MonLife Over 60’s Programme extended to help improve physical and mental well-being across Monmouthshire

The MonLife Active 60 plus has been a great success with 85 participants engaged in the programme. This is a positive indication that people in Monmouthshire aged 60 plus want to improve their physical and mental well-being.

The members of this programme have their progress recorded through the means of digital reviews with fitness professionals and their activity recorded through the My Wellness App. The My Wellness app records outdoor activity like walking, cycling running and Live and On Demand classes. This a great way to record the progress of each active member and has given them great encouragement.

The Active 60 plus programme has provided a physical activity and social outlet for many of our members during these difficult times.

Here is how the programme has helped one of our MonLife customers

“I have taken part in quite a few of your virtual classes and thoroughly enjoyed them all; Stretch and Tone, Gentle Exercise, Tai Chi. The classes are excellent and I’m amazed how well you can guide and monitor our individual progress throughout the sessions. They are all very well-planned, timed and focused on a particular aspect of our developing fitness with a clear explanation of how these exercises will benefit us. They have definitely made a difference to my health; I feel stronger and fitter, my flexibility is much improved and my back is less painful. I feel supported, encouraged and have a sense of achievement.  I feel proud when I tell my grown up children, who live so far away, that I have engaged in a session and I know that they are delighted.

Apart from a fairly regular walk, I was taking no other exercise. Going forward, it will be difficult for me to find an opportunity to leave my husband who has dementia and attend a Centre. As it is, my husband sits in the room, happy to see me and hear it all going on in the background. It certainly helps me to feel less isolated. 

I have recommended 60 plus to others and will continue to do so. In truth, it has been a godsend and I congratulate and thank everyone who has put the scheme together”.

The Active 60 plus programme allows participants to take part in their own time, at home and also has encouraged those to get active without the worry of attending a group. They experience social interaction on the live sessions, which is beneficial for members to feel good and motivated.

This digital platform has removed barriers to exercise for those that could not attend the gym due to commitments, time and resources.

Moving forward the Active 60 plus programme has extended its offer to access the MonLife classes on site as well as attending virtual classes. This is creating a wider community for the Active 60 plus in MonLife.

This membership offer is 1 month free and £16.00 thereafter and for the first 120 people that sign up to this programme they will be given equipment packs which include dumbbells, resistant bands and an exercise mat.  To sign up to the programme please click on the following link 60+ Health & Well-being Programme (  A MonLife qualified fitness professional will then contact you to ensure that the scheme is appropriate.