Membership FAQ's - Monlife

What is a committed membership?

This membership has been developed to reward your commitment to MonActive. Committed members receive a free gym induction, a personalised fitness plan, a Technogym key and unlimited access to Mon Leisure fitness classes, swimming pools, gyms, saunas and steam rooms – across all four sites. Committed members also have the opportunity to take advantage of one weekly 30-minute free personal training session. The committed membership is for a minimum term of six months. By signing the Committed Membership Terms and Conditions you will be agreeing to make an up front payment, the amount depends on when in the month you join, and a minimum of six consecutive direct debit payments.

How long will my membership last?

Your Committed Membership will continue to run until you cancel it. Please refer to the paragraph below on how to cancel your membership.What happens if I want to cancel my committed membership early?

You will be invoiced for the remainder of your outstanding membership, your induction and an admin fee. Access to facilities will be denied during this period – this time will not be backdate. Failure to comply with this will result in your details being passed to Monmouthshire County Council Sundry Debtors Department for the collection of outstanding fees, please note this could have implications on your credit rating.

How do I cancel my Committed Membership?

In agreeing to become a Committed Member of Mon Leisure you are unable to terminate this agreement until your up-front payment and six consecutive direct debit payments have been made to Monmouthshire County Council. Once your commitment is over, please telephone 01633 644499 and speak with the membership administration team by the 10th of the month if you wish to cancel your membership. Please also contact your bank to inform them of the cancellation. No cancellation can be processed at any of the Mon Leisure Centre’s and only the account holder can cancel the direct debit instruction.

What happens if my direct debit is rejected within my first six payments?

In the event that your bank rejects your monthly payment, you will be asked to pay this amount at one of our four Mon Leisure centres, failure to do so will result in a double payment being requested from your bank account in the following month. Payment will be requested in writing within seven days in order for your membership to continue uninterrupted. 

How do I make payments?

Payments will be by direct debit and will be deducted on the 15th day of each month, or nearest working day thereafter should the 15th fall on a weekend or bank holiday, with each payment being made for the month to follow. The council will give one months notice of any price increases, which are reviewed annually.

What happens if we are unable to collect your payments?

In the event of a direct debit processing error (i.e. incorrect banking details, insufficient processing time etc.), missed payments will need to be paid at one of our Leisure Centre’s or a double payment will be collected on the next direct debit processing run. If you change your bank details, please contact the Membership Administration team on 01633 644499.

Refunds and cooling off period.

Any request for a refund and termination made within the first seven days of joining will be honoured, in full, provided that no facilities or services have been used. If facilities or services have been used within the first seven days, a deduction for these costs will be deducted from any refund given. NO REFUNDS CAN BE GIVEN AFTER THE COOLING OFF PERIOD.

What happens if I lose my membership card?

Your membership card is issued free of charge. Should it be lost or damaged, a fee will be charged for a replacement. Should you lose your card, please report this to your local centre at your earliest convenience.


You are unable to transfer the membership to any other person, product or service.

What happens when I reach the age of 18 or 60?

Your monthly direct debit amount will adjust automatically in the month after you reach your 18th or 60th Birthday. We will inform you in writing of any such changes in advance.

Opening times

All Mon Leisure centre’s remain closed on Bank Holiday’s and statutory holiday periods. Other closure periods for essential maintenance, health and safety and training have been included within the pricing of the membership.

What is an Aqua Membership?

An Aqua membership allows use of the swimming pool during all public sessions (where age and gender allows) and also the use of the sauna and steam facilities where available. It does not entitle the user to swimming lessons or pool use during private sessions. Times of entry and types of facility may vary on different sites and access is subject to availability.


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Telephone: 01633 644499