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Junior Fitness & Classes

Fitness Suite Information 

The fitness suites are open from 07:00-22:00 Monday-Friday and 08:15-18:00 Saturdays and Sundays. Young people between the ages of 11 and 13 can train if accompanied to the fitness suite by a parent or guardian who is also a member. Young people can access the fitness suite on their own at the ages of 14 years. You must have an induction and your own personalised Technogym key before you can attend the fitness suite.

NRG Classes

NRG is the name of our junior fitness sessions. Classes are for all abilities. 

For details of upcoming fitness classes, please click on the timetables below.

To book an NRG class, please click here.

To apply for a MonLeisure card, please visit one of our leisure centres and collect your card today.