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Museums Collections and curation

Collections and curation

MonLife Museums are committed to collecting objects of local significance and preserving them for future generations. Obviously, we are not able to display everything in our vast collection; however, members of the public are able to view items, which are not on public display. We ask you to contact us in advance to arrange, as we are not able to deal with these requests on demand.

Curatorial Advice Service and Conservation

Through its collections and extensive library, MonLife museums are able to provide information on local history. Please contact us in advance, if you would like to use our research facilities.

Conservation staff and curators work with the collections to store them safely, to research and record information and to interpret them through exhibitions, electronic media, events and activities.

The condition of an object is assessed before it goes on display and specialist conservation techniques used to keep it stable and safe. Conservation and collection care involves maintaining a stable environment, free of pollution and pests for both storage and display. Each artefact will require specific levels of heat, light, and humidity in order to ensure it may be enjoyed by future generations.