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Permanent Displays

Abergavenny Museum hosts regular exhibitions alongside the five permanent display galleries: 

The Keep Gallery

In the ‘Keep Gallery’ are displays relating to the history of the area. They include, prehistoric tools, Roman armour, a seventeenth century baby rattle, artefacts relating to Victorian personalities Father Ignatius and Lady Llanover and the infamous Whiskey the turnspit dog.

Air Raid Shelter

In the basement of the museum, we have a reconstruction of a World War II air raid shelter. 

Until 2008, the shelter itself has been serving as a tool shed in the back garden of an Abergavenny resident.  Now it can be seen in the museum, complete with siren sound effects.

The Saddler’s Shop

In the mid-nineteenth century, Abergavenny was home to eight saddlers shops. At the museum, we have a display of how a typical one would have looked.

The Welsh Kitchen

The Welsh Kitchen dates from 1960. It was one of the earliest displays and is still as popular as ever.

It is in the style of a Victorian farmhouse kitchen and incorporates a fireplace, which was rescued from the Tudor Street demolitions. The display was updated in 2013 by pupils from a local primary school who helped to redesign the space and devised a variety of hands on activities for you to try.

Basil Jones’ Grocery Shop

Our best-loved display is the ‘Basil Jones Shop’. In 1994, the museum acquired a large amount of stock from a well-known local grocer – Basil Jones.

This included packaging from as early as the 1930’s. Our conservators had to remove some of the original stock such as biscuits to ensure that we did not create a ‘pest problem’! The shop was then recreated within the museum. Often our visitors can remember the original shop and we have a ‘memory book’ where they can record their thoughts. 

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