Learning Experiences at Shire Hall, Monmouth for KS2

The Shire Hall, Monmouth, is a grade 1 listed building with a certain notoriety and a long history. It was purpose built as the County Court in 1724 and, since that date, has been home to the Assizes and Quarter Sessions and, later, the Borough and Magistrates Court. It was even a designated public air raid shelter during WW2, but it’s the events of 1839/40 that really put Shire Hall on the map when it hosted the infamous trial of the Monmouthshire Chartists.

Today we offer a range of unique learning experiences that make the most of this building and its history.

You can explore the origins of our democratic system through our Chartist workshop Trials, Treason and Transportation and re-enact the trial of John Frost in the very courtroom where it happened.

Click here for details of our Trials, Treason and Transportation workshop.

We also offer the opportunities for pupils to build and try other, less infamous, cases based on real trials that took place at Shire Hall. Coal and Crime looks at poverty and crime on Victorian Monmouthshire while Rationing Rotters explores the unique nature of crime in WW2.

Check out our Coal and Crime and Rationing Rotters workshops.

Our Sirens and Shelters workshop continues the WW2 theme at Shire Hall. Visit our authentic public air raid shelter, discover how war on the Home Front changed the lives of Monmouth people and explore a wide range of WW2 topics through lively object handling sessions.

Click here for details of our Sirens and Shelters workshop

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