MonLife Learning Discovery Boxes

MonLife Learning offers an exciting range of Discovery Boxes for use in the classroom.

Each Discovery Box contains a variety of items, including artefacts, replica objects, documents and costumes to extend and enhance learning in the classroom.

Objects are chosen to promote critical thinking, enquiry and interpretation and to inspire creativity in young learners. Each box is accompanied by object information sheets to provide detail and context, as well as a number of suggested activities to support the four purposes of the Welsh curriculum across the six area of learning.

“The boxes are AMAZING! I was like a child myself delving into them! … An excellent service that I’m certain we will use again”

You can choose Discovery Boxes from the following periods of British History:

  • The Romans
  • The Tudors
  • The Victorians
  • World War I
  • World War II

The Roman Cavalry

This box includes a helmet, shield, and full-size military horn or cornu, as well as day-to-day items used by Roman cavalrymen

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The Roman Legionary soldier

Our Legionary boxes have a range of replica armour and clothing for your class to handle – the weight of the items alone gives you an idea of the levels of physical fitness required to serve in the Roman Amy!

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Romano-British Pottery

A selection of Roman replica pottery, based on originals found across Britain; from high-status Samian-ware, which would have been imported from Gaul, to Greyware for everyday use. A brilliant box for inspiring budding potters!

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Roman Domestic Life

Our domestic boxes offer a snapshot of daily life in Roman Britain, with a range of pottery, costume, toiletry items and much more!

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The Tudors

Our Tudor box is jam-packed with objects for your class to explore, some more familiar and others less so! Find out about Tudor fashions, Children’s play and learning, as well as life in the home.

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Victorian Childhood

What was life like for children in Victorian Britain? Learn about children’s education with our schooldays box, but be careful not to blot your copy book! We also have a box of children’s toys to explore, from diablos and skipping ropes to a beautiful reproduction zoetrope with a range of different animation strips to try.

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Victorians Washday and Domestic Life

Picture life in a Victorian household – our boxes contain all the essentials for washday, from washboard to flat irons to carbolic soap. We also have a range of kitchen equipment, including sugar loaf and sugar nippers, copper and cast iron kettles and moulds for dainties such as jellies and blancmanges.

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World War I

Find out about life in Britain in World War I. This box contains uniforms for a soldier and Red Cross nurse, items which illustrate life in the trenches, as well as intriguing oddities such as a gentleman’s moustache cup, soldier’s button stick and lady’s glove stretchers.

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World War II

A box which offers a snapshot of life in World War II. The artefacts and replicas in this box include a decommissioned gas mask, a tin of dried eggs, and a child’s knitted teddy bear, as well as a range of printed papers, from contemporary advertisements to government-issue documents. This box is great for exploring a range of WWII topics such as rationing, evacuation and Civil Defence.

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Each Discovery Box costs £20.00 per half term or £30 per full term. The boxes can be collected from and returned to any of our three Museums in Abergavenny, Chepstow or Monmouth by prior arrangement.

Abergavenny Museum and Castle
The Castle, Castle Street, Abergavenny NP7 5EE
01873 854282

Chepstow Museum
Gwy House, Bridge Street, Chepstow NP16 5EZ
01291 625981

Monmouth Museum
Market Hall, Priory Street, Monmouth, NP25 3XA
01600 710630

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