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Make Your Mark: Monmouthshire’s Local Ballot

Make Your Mark: Monmouthshire’s Local Ballot is an annual consultation for young people ages 11-25. The Consultation is designed to give you a voice and for you to tell us what matters to you on a local level. We are asking that you read the 10 topics and choose the one that is the most important to you. we will then ask you to choose one of your own. The consultation results help Engage 2 Change Youth Council set their priorities for the year. The results will also be shared with Mon-life youth services, Monmouthshire County Council, Schools and other relevant partners to ensure services are operating in your best interest. Your youth representatives will also share the results across Gwent via our Regional Youth Forum. The consultation will run consecutively with the National Make Your Mark ballot throughout November so that we can address issues on a local and national level and we will announce the results on our social media channels

There are 10 priorities to choose from, please see priorities listed below.

The tiles below explain what we plan to do with each priority, should it get voted. You will then be given the opportunity to tell us one of your own topics that you think should have been on the ballot for Monmouthshire.