Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience

Biodiversity is short for biological diversity and simply means the variety of life. The variety of life is all the living things that occur in the natural world and the variation between them, from algae to oak trees, bacteria to blue whales. Biodiversity is not just about the number of species that occur in a place, it also includes the interactions within and between species and their genetic variation. Therefore, Biodiversity also includes communities of species, habitats and ecosystems.

Ecosystem Resilience describes the health of our environment for biodiversity this is vital to allow species and habitats to adapt to events (for example, the impacts of climate change) resilience depends on the:

– diversity between and within ecosystems

– the connections between and within ecosystems

– the scale of ecosystems

– the condition of ecosystems (including their structure and functioning).

We must not forget that Biodiversity also includes us, and how we interact with other species and our environment. Biodiversity is not just restricted to rare or threatened species, although Monmouthshire has plenty of both, it encompasses all living things in the natural world, from those that are common to those that are critically endangered.

There are lots of ways to support Biodiversity and get involved in helping in your area. Many can be found through the work of members of the Local Nature Partnership. These include local societies and groups that want to make a difference. Anyone can make a valuable contribution so get involved contact for more information.

Seen Something Interesting?

Casual sightings of just about any wildlife can be valuable if you record and report them. A simple way to do this is using SEWBReC on-line recording system SEWBReCORD or by downloading the LERC Wales App to your mobile device.

Records help to save wildlife and wildlife habitats that make up our shared ecosystem.

You may also be interested in viewing records for your area on the Aderyn site.

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