What is Green Infrastructure (GI) ?

‘GI is the network of natural and semi-natural features, green spaces, rivers and lakes that intersperse and connect villages, towns and cities. Individually, these elements are GI assets, and the roles that these assets play are GI functions. When appropriately planned, designed and managed, the assets and functions have the potential to deliver a wide range of benefits – from providing sustainable transport links to mitigating and adapting the effects of climate change’. (The Landscape Institute’s GI Position Statement (2013) definition)

Green Infrastructure in Monmouthshire is delivered through:

· LDP policy (Strategic Policy S13 & GI 1 Policy)

· GI Supplementary Planning Guidance SPG

· GI Strategies

· GI Action Plan for Pollinators for South East Wales

· GI Projects

· Monmouthshire and Newport Local Nature Partnership

The Strategy and SPG set out 6 Key GI delivery functions which all projects and proposals should aim to deliver these include:

1. Landscape setting and Quality of Place

2. Habitat provision and connectivity (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience)

3. Green space provision, connectivity & enjoyment

4. Sustainable Energy Use · Climate emergency · Renewable energy

5. Local Food Production

6. Flood attenuation & Water resource Management

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