Active Together Men's Fitness Programme - Monlife

Do you want to get into fitness but don’t know where to start?

Do you feel confused by all the different health, nutritional and training advice?

Have you started countless exercise programmes but stopped because you lack motivation or you’re just not seeing the results you want?

With MonLife Active you can be extraordinary, join our 8 week Active Together Men’s Fitness Programme designed to build your knowledge and help you experience a wide range of fitness techniques and training methods. Giving you confidence to kick-start your way into fitness and well-being to work towards a healthier you.

With just 10 places available, the Active Together Men’s Fitness Programme is a supportive group led by our experienced Fitness Instructors who will motivate you to explore and experience fitness that’s right for you.

Each week you’ll learn and experience a wide range of fitness techniques, training methods, nutritional advice and well-being tips to help you reach your fitness and well-being goals.

Sessions are held every Monday from 7pm – 7:55pm. We start on Monday 21st March.

The 8 Week Programme

Week 1
Group introductions, getting to know you and your goals and how to use the MonLife App for regular fitness training at home or in the gym.

Week 2
Strength training with introduction on how to use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and body-weight. We’ll work on the different techniques for big movement patterns that will help get you results.

Week 3
Agility exercises and the different techniques you can continue to practice at home to build more movement into your day for improved agility.

Week 4
Endurance training with a focus on propulsion for different movements and exercises like walking, running, cycling, rowing, skiing.

Week 5
Flexibility to help you avoid injury through a range of different techniques and movement including ways to cool down after a work-out and relax after a busy or stressful day.

Week 6
Explosive Power what this is and how to integrate this into your fitness programme.

Week 7
Body composition and nutrition, we’ll discuss the effects of different training styles and dietary factors which will positively affect you, inside and out.

Week 8
Future fitness, we’ll look at how far you’ve come, what changes you’ve achieved and how you can continue your fitness journey at the end of the programme.

Join today
For just £18.95 for 8 weeks.

We start on Monday 21st March at 7.00 – 7.55pm at Chepstow Leisure Centre.

Hurry with only 10 places available we expect the programme to sell out fast.

Call 01633 644800 and sign-up today.

Be Extraordinary with MonLife Active